From Wallowing to Wellness

May 28, 2024

From Wallowing to Wellness: Embracing Positivity and Emotional Resilience

Understanding the Concept of Wallowing

What does it mean to “wallow in sadness”?

To “wallow in sadness” means to immerse oneself deeply in feelings of sorrow and self-pity, often to the point where it becomes difficult to move past these emotions. It’s akin to a pig rolling around in the mud, reveling in the muck rather than trying to get clean. When someone wallows in sadness, they dwell on their negative emotions and circumstances, often feeling like a victim of their situation.

Is it healthy to “wallow in sadness”?

Wallowing in sadness is not inherently healthy. While it’s important to acknowledge and process emotions, staying in a state of deep sorrow and self-pity can prevent individuals from healing and moving forward. Prolonged wallowing can lead to a cycle of negative thoughts, reducing one’s energy and motivation to seek positive change or solutions.

Why do people “wallow in grief”?

People wallow in grief for several reasons. Grief can be overwhelming, and the process of mourning a loss involves experiencing intense emotions. Sometimes, individuals feel a sense of justice or validation in their suffering, or they may struggle to see a way out of their emotional pain. Additionally, grief can bring a sense of control or familiarity in an otherwise uncontrollable situation.

Shifting from Wallowing to Positivity: A Path to Emotional Resilience

Embracing the Positive Path

In our recent discussion, we explored the importance of shifting from a victim mentality to a more positive, proactive approach to life’s challenges.

Recognizing where you are emotionally and actively working to elevate your mood is crucial. Engaging in discussions about personal experiences and how to manage emotions can provide valuable insights and support.

The concept of challenges happening for you, not to you, can help overcome obstacles more effectively. This shift in perception emphasizes the need to move away from self-pity and towards a more empowered mindset.

Focusing on the good aspects of situations, even during difficult times, prevents prolonged low energy levels. The law of attraction suggests that the energy you put out is what you get back, highlighting the importance of positive thinking.

Personal stories about dealing with uncontrollable events, such as a spouse’s stroke, highlight the struggle to maintain positivity. Accepting that some things are beyond our control and finding ways to cope is essential for emotional resilience.

Astrological traits, such as those of Aries, suggest a natural inclination to fight through challenges and find positivity each day. Embracing such traits can help in staying motivated and focused on positive outcomes.

Practical Strategies for Positivity

Focus on the positive aspects of situations by asking yourself, “What’s right about this situation?” This question can draw positive energy and curiosity. Believing that “everything’s always working out for me” helps maintain a hopeful and forward-looking perspective.

Practicing gratitude, even for small things, can significantly shift your mood and outlook. Use positive affirmations to reinforce a positive mindset, reminding yourself of past successes and strengths.

Embrace curiosity and openness by living in the question rather than making definitive negative statements. Questions like “What if it wasn’t that way?” or “What are the possibilities?” open up new avenues for positive thinking.

Recognize that our reactions to physical sensations, like headaches, can be seen as outdated sensory inputs. Viewing them in a different light can change our perspective and reduce negative emotional responses.

A Balanced Conclusion

The journey from wallowing in sadness to embracing positivity is not always straightforward, but it is achievable with conscious effort and practical strategies. While it’s essential to acknowledge and process your emotions, dwelling in negativity can hinder your ability to move forward. By focusing on the positive aspects, practicing gratitude, and living with curiosity, you can shift your mindset and attract more positive experiences.

Remember, challenges happen for you, not to you. Embrace the roller coaster of life with its ups and downs, knowing that every experience contributes to your growth and resilience. As you navigate through life’s difficulties, keep reminding yourself that “everything’s always working out for me,” and find the silver lining in every situation. This approach not only helps you cope but also enriches your life with positivity and hope.


The whole point of the WRATS exercise is to catch yourself in the moment of a negativity and shift into curiosity and then gratitude. Remember, everything is happening for your benefit – even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment.

So here’s the deal…next time you find yourself in a negative situation – something that’s uncomfortable, you don’t like – ask yourself:

W – What’s
R – Right
A – About
T – This
S – Situation

“What’s right about this situation?” 
Right down the first things that come to mind. If  you are having a little bit of a block getting the positivity flowing try the following:

  • Tapping – honestly, you don’t have to go through all of the tapping points. All we are trying to accomplish is the distraction, so that more positive thoughts can percolate to the surface.
  • Identify situations in the past that you thought were really bad and then notice how they worked out for you. 
    Note: If this is a challenging process, then reach out to me as it means you need to work through past situations that are still creating pain and resistance.

If you don’t have time to work through the negative situation in the moment, try one of the following:

  • Diana’s Tip: Keep Post-It notes on you so that you can readily right down any irritating or challenging situations that you can then address later.
  • Samantha’s Tip: If you have your phone on you (and most of us do nowadays), send an email to yourself with the information regarding the situation so that you can address it at a more convenient time.

And, as always, we would love for you to come over to the KISS Podcast FB group and share your findings.

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