June 24, 2024

​Discovering Glimmers: The Tiny Moments That Illuminate Your Day


Finding joy can sometimes seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially when life has constant demands and you feel like a one-legged duck swimming in circles. However, there is a concept that encourages us to focus on small moments of positivity, known as “glimmers.” These fleeting instances of joy and connection can significantly impact our overall well-being, making our days brighter and more fulfilling. This article delves into the concept of glimmers, exploring their anatomy, triggers, and benefits, and introduces the idea of being a glimmer seeker.

What is a Glimmer?

Glimmers are those brief moments of positivity and connection that can shift your mood from negative to positive in an instant. Think of them as tiny sparks of joy that shine through the mundane, often unnoticed in the busyness of everyday life. Glimmers can be as simple as a friendly smile from a stranger, a compliment, or a moment of quiet appreciation for a beautiful sunset.

Glimmers remind us that joy can be found in the small, seemingly insignificant moments of our day. They are the antidotes to the negativity and stress that can so easily overshadow our lives. By focusing on these small, positive experiences, we can cultivate a more optimistic outlook and improve our overall mental health.

The Anatomy of a Glimmer

Understanding the anatomy of a glimmer can help us identify and appreciate these moments when they occur. A glimmer typically consists of a trigger, an emotional response, and an afterglow. Bear with me as we get a little “science-y” here.

The trigger is the external or internal stimulus that initiates the glimmer. It could be anything from a kind word to a beautiful scene. Following the trigger is the emotional response, which is the immediate feeling of joy, warmth, or connection. (This is actually caused by a flush of joy producing chemicals created in your body.) This feeling is usually brief but impactful. The afterglow is the lasting effect of the glimmer, where the positive emotion lingers and contributes to an overall sense of well-being. This is where you want to ride the wave for as long as it rolls out.

Recognizing these components can help us become more attuned to glimmers in our daily lives, allowing us to savor and amplify these positive moments.

What is a Glimmer of Happiness?

A glimmer of happiness is a specific type of glimmer that brings about a momentary feeling of joy or contentment. It’s the smile you get when you hear a song that brings back good memories or the warmth you feel when someone goes out of their way to help you. These moments, although fleeting, can have a profound effect on our mood and mindset.

Glimmers of happiness are crucial, because they remind us that happiness doesn’t always come from big events or achievements. Instead, it can be found in the little things that happen every day. These events help to replenish, what I call, our emotional reservoir from which draw from throughout the day. By recognizing and cherishing these moments, we can fill this reservoir of positivity that helps us navigate through more challenging times.

Triggers of Glimmers

Glimmers can be triggered by a wide range of experiences. Common triggers include acts of kindness, such as someone holding the door open for you, a kind word from a colleague, or a stranger offering a smile.

Nature also offers triggers, like the sight of a beautiful flower, the sound of birds singing, or the warmth of the sun on your skin. Positive interactions, such as engaging in meaningful conversations, receiving a compliment, or sharing a laugh with a friend, can also spark glimmers.

Personal achievements, like completing a task, learning something new, or making progress on a personal goal, and moments of mindfulness, such as taking a deep breath, savoring a delicious meal, or enjoying a moment of peace and quiet, are other common triggers.

By identifying these triggers, we can cultivate an awareness of glimmers and create opportunities for more positive moments in our lives.

The Benefits of Glimmers

Glimmers might seem small, but their impact on our mental and emotional well-being can be substantial. They can instantly lift your spirits and improve your mood, counterbalancing the stress and negativity that often dominate our thoughts and helping us maintain a more optimistic outlook.

By focusing on glimmers, we can build emotional resilience, making us better equipped to handle challenges and setbacks because we have a foundation of positive experiences to draw from.

Glimmers also help us cultivate gratitude by encouraging us to appreciate the small, positive aspects of our lives. This shift in focus from what’s lacking to what’s present can lead to a greater sense of contentment and satisfaction. This concept is KEY!

Recognizing and sharing glimmers can strengthen our relationships. When we acknowledge the positive actions and qualities of others, we build stronger connections and foster a more supportive and caring environment.

Focusing on positive moments can reduce stress by shifting our attention away from worries and negative thoughts. This not only improves our mental health but also has a positive impact on our physical health.

What is a Glimmer Seeker?

A glimmer seeker is someone who actively looks for and embraces glimmers in their daily life. This practice involves cultivating a mindset that is open to noticing and appreciating positive moments, no matter how small they might be. Becoming a glimmer seeker involves cultivating awareness, practicing gratitude, and making a conscious effort to create and share glimmers with others.

Start by paying attention to your surroundings and the people you interact with. Look for opportunities to notice small acts of kindness, beauty, and positivity. The more you practice, the easier it will become to spot glimmers.

Keep a gratitude journal where you note down the glimmers you experience each day. This not only helps you remember and savor these moments but also reinforces a positive mindset.

Talk about your glimmers with others. Sharing positive experiences can create a ripple effect, spreading joy and encouraging others to look for glimmers in their own lives.

Be proactive in creating glimmers for those around you. Small acts of kindness, a compliment, or a thoughtful gesture can make a significant difference in someone else’s day.

Take time to reflect on your glimmers and savor the positive emotions they bring. This can enhance the lasting impact of these moments and help you build a more positive outlook.

How to Incorporate Glimmers into Your Life

Integrating glimmers into your daily routine can be a simple and effective way to boost your well-being. Start each day by setting an intention to look for glimmers. Whether it’s appreciating your morning coffee or enjoying a quiet moment before the day begins, starting with a positive mindset sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Focus on being present in the moment. This means letting go of worries about the past or future and fully engaging with what is happening right now. Being present allows you to notice and appreciate the small joys in life.

Spend time in nature and pay attention to the beauty around you. Whether it’s a walk in the park, listening to the sounds of birds, or simply sitting in your garden, nature can provide a wealth of glimmers.

Incorporate mindfulness practices into your routine. This could be through meditation, deep breathing exercises, or simply taking a few moments each day to focus on your breath and be aware of your surroundings.

Make a conscious effort to engage positively with others. This could be through a kind word, a smile, or a simple act of kindness. These interactions can create glimmers for both you and those around you.

At the end of each day, take a few minutes to reflect on the glimmers you experienced. This could be a formal practice like journaling or simply thinking back on the positive moments of the day. Reflecting on these moments reinforces their positive impact and helps you carry a sense of joy and gratitude into the next day.

Glimmers are the small yet powerful moments of positivity that can transform our daily lives. By focusing on these fleeting instances, we can shift our mindset towards positivity and gratitude. Embracing glimmers helps improve our mood, reduce stress, and build stronger connections with others. Becoming a glimmer seeker involves being aware, practicing gratitude, and sharing kindness with those around us. By integrating glimmers into our lives, we create a more joyful and fulfilling existence. So, take a moment each day to notice and appreciate the glimmers that illuminate your life.

INTEGRATION: Be a Glimmer in Someone’s Day

The idea behind this exercise – as is with most integrations – is to gain awareness on the nature of glimmers and spontaneous moments in which you can actually be that glimmer in someone’s day. The benefits are resounding!

Here are a few ideas to consider in practicing the art of being a glimmer in someone’s day. Choose what resonates with you, or make up your own, and give it a go throughout this week.


  • Spread joy with a smile where ever you go. Yes, I know it’s not always possible, but when you smile, other’s smile back at you and that will surely boost your own serotonin levels.
  • Checkout line:
    • When a cashiers asks how your day is going, be upbeat and respond with something like “Fabulous” and really infuse it with a sense of joy.
    • When a cashiers says anything to you, look them in the eye and note something, anything positive about their appearance or your experience in the moment. The goal is to light them up as most customers never bother to even look them in the eye.
  • Going out to eat:
    • Every once in awhile, tip with an extra $5-20, especially on very small amounts where a server may have only normally received under $5.
    • If you are tipping via credit card, before you sign off, comment on one thing that the server did that just made your visit to their establishment. This can go a long way when there manager sees it, but will definitely bring a smile to their face. AND don’t forgot to throw in an extra few dollars. Comments go a long way, but cash is king when it comes to F&B.

I think you’ve got this! Be sure to journal what happens!!!

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Affirmations to Use

  • I will savor the fucking sweetness of life today. (a glimmer producer for sure!)
  • Everything is always working out for me. (this will help promote the appearance of glimmers in your life)
  • I Am The Light, I Am the Love, I Am the Truth, I Am (use this to pump you up before you go out and share a smile with others!)
  • How does it get any better than this? (bring on the glimmers!)

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