Imagination & Intuition

November 27, 2023

Cultivating Imagination: Your Gateway to Intuitive Wisdom


Today’s exploration ventures into a realm that’s both magical and powerful – the interplay between imagination and intuition. Imagine embarking on a journey where your creativity isn’t just a source of joy, but a bridge to the profound wisdom of intuition. Becoming childlike in your perception of the world and all that is happening around you is the key. Wonder is the key. Curiosity is the key. Iamgination is the key!

Imagination: The Soil Where Intuition Thrives

At the core of our discussion is a simple, yet profound truth: Intuition flourishes in the rich and fertile soil of the imagination. It’s like planting a garden in your mind, where intuition can bloom and grow. When we nurture our imaginative faculties, we open doors to intuitive insights that might otherwise remain hidden.

Nurturing Your Inner Visionary

Think about those moments when a flash of inspiration hits you out of the blue. That’s your imagination and intuition working in harmony. To strengthen this bond, it’s essential to cultivate our imaginative capabilities – through art, music, storytelling, or simply daydreaming. These activities aren’t just pastimes; they’re exercises for the mind, expanding our ability to connect with our intuitive selves.

Awareness and Openness: Embracing the Metaphysical

To truly harness the power of imagination in awakening our intuition, a shift in awareness is crucial. It requires an openness to possibilities beyond the tangible world – the quantum field of possibilities. When we allow our imagination to wander into the metaphysical, we’re essentially tuning our internal antennas to receive intuitive signals more clearly. We are moving into that receptive frequency.

Living Imaginatively in the Present

The art of being present is intricately linked with imaginative living. It’s about seeing the wonder in the now, the magic in the mundane. By being fully present, with an imaginative mindset, we create a fertile ground for intuitive insights to sprout and flourish. Too often, amazing things happen and we humans, in our rational mindset, explain it out of existence – out of beingness. We do this to our own detriment.

Stress, Imagination, and Intuitive Disconnect

Stress and anxiety can cloud our imaginative spirit, much like overcast skies hiding the stars. In these times, our intuition may become muffled. When humans live this way in a repeated practice of behavior, that is when they are, playfully, referred to as having a “muggle” mindset. Recognizing this, it’s vital to find ways to rekindle our imaginative flame, even in stressful times, to reconnect with our intuitive guidance – when we need it the most!

Flow State: When Imagination and Intuition Dance

Have you ever lost yourself in a creative endeavor, feeling a sense of effortless joy? Like when baking cookies, sketching a portrait, planting a new garden or even creating a website design. That’s the flow state – a beautiful dance of imagination and intuition. In these moments, barriers dissolve, and we find ourselves in a symphony of creative and intuitive alignment. Psst! This is when we are connected to that 3rd-eye void or space of creative knowingness that often exists out to the center-right and just above our head, much like a thought bubble.

Emotional Wellness: Nurturing the Heart of Imagination

Our emotional state can significantly influence our imaginative and intuitive capacities. By cultivating emotional wellness and a positive, high-vibrational environment, we essentially water the seeds of imagination, allowing intuition to grow stronger and more vivid. When we are in this high-vibrational state, we are most connected to the greater aspect of ourselves, our Higher Self. It is through this connection that we receive information that goes far beyond our ordinary 3rd-dimensional senses.

Personal Practices for Cultivating Imagination

There are various personal practices that are powerful tools for nurturing imagination. Whether it’s through meditation, visualizations, or affirming the beauty in life, these practices can act as catalysts, sparking our imaginative prowess and, in turn, enhancing our intuitive connection. One such tool is the new course I am offering, Zen Tarot, which is taking place in January 2024. Want to learn more? Click HERE!

We are Creator Beings. This means we create our reality. Guess what? We create our reality through our imagination. Embracing the power of imagination is like unlocking a secret door to intuitive wisdom. It’s about creating, dreaming, and being present in a world rich with possibilities. As we nurture our imagination, we open ourselves to a more profound, intuitive understanding of life.

Stay inspired, keep your imagination alive, and let your intuition be your guide on this incredible journey. Until next time, let your imagination soar and your intuition flow!


Nurturing your imagination enhances your intuition. No two ways about it. The more you play with your imagination is in direct correlation to the expansion of your intuitive abilities – and your intuitive abilities will not lead you astray.  Below are three ways in which you can play along. Do one, do all three, whatever you choose! But whichever you do, please come back to our Facebook group (link is below) and share with the KISS group!

Integration 1: Emotional Awareness and Regulation
Pay attention to your emotions throughout the day. If you notice that you aren’t feeling upbeat or positive, note exactly what you are feeling. In that moment, do something, anything to move yourself into a better feeling space. Whether it’s taking 15 minutes and reading a book or taking a quick walk around the block, do whatever is necessary to shift yourself into a slightly better space. This will become a habit!

Integration 2: Listening to Inner Nudges
Just like becoming aware of your emotions, listening to your inner nudges is key. This is a fun exercise that helps you match your awareness to your imagination and begin to bridge a path of believability. Let us introduce you to RAS, your Reticular Activating System. RAS helps you to focus on those things that matter most.

So here’s the challenge: decide on an item that you want to focus on in a given day. For instance, it could be orange cars or people walking large dogs. Whatever it is, put it uppermost in your mind at the beginning of the day. As time goes by it will slip into the background of the day’s noise. Now…throughout the day, if you feel a nudge to turn left instead of right or go outside – do it! You will begin to notice orange cars or people walking exceptionally large dogs.

While this experience is actually linked to many processes we can go into, the main thing we want to note here is that you begin to realize you are not just imagining these things. In fact, what is happening, is that your RAS has been instructed by your “intention” to see a given thing. And because you have cared for your emotional space you are more open to listening to the nudges your body is giving you to go to a certain place at a certain time so that you may cross paths with whatever it is that you intended to see. First time you might say it is a fluke. However, when it begins to happen over and over, you begin to realize the power of your intuition. As you begin to honor your intuition – that unseen thing – you begin to play into your imagination, creating your experiences, your reality.

3. Visualization Exercise
Now we are going to enhance your imagination through a guided visualization. The following meditation will help to guide you into a relaxed state of being envisioning a “blue sky” and then build upon that vision with your senses. We would love your feedback in the group! Here’s the link to the Blue Sky Meditation.

*portions of this post were written with the assistance of Jeeves (AI)

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