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Interested in an item or service we mentioned on the podcast? Behold a bevy of links for your consideration! We do our best to offer alternatives for the budget-minded, when possible. Please note that some of the items or services below may be part of an affiliate program. We ask that you consider resourcing through us to balance out the energetic output of all the time and love we share through our podcast. Many thanks!!


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    ALL items, services and links mentioned in our podcast or Facebook group can be found as follows:

    • Podcast Blog: Head over to our blog “Positive Pursuits” For each Podcast, there is a Discussion post, a How To post and a Resources post. Select the Resources post for that particular blog. That’s the one you want!
    • KISS Store: Our store is stocked with all of the items and services we have mentioned and categorized by type for your convenience.
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      These mentors are some of our top favs with many nuggets of wisdom. Click on a name below to be taken to a page with a link of all their videos to which we have referred. 

      Abraham Hicks


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