Love & Light

October 16, 2023

Love & Light: Awakening to the Heart Space


The Essence of “Love & Light”

In the realm of spirituality, the phrase “Love & Light” carries profound significance. It encapsulates the intention of fostering love, positivity, and illumination in our lives and the world around us. As humanity undergoes a rapid transformation from a predominantly intellectual headspace to a more heart-centered one, this phrase becomes a guiding light on our path to self-discovery and empowerment.

From Headspace to Heart Space: Humanity’s Evolution

For eons, we’ve been residing primarily in our heads, overthinking and analyzing every aspect of our lives. However, the tide is turning as we collectively shift into the heart space—a place of compassion, empathy, and intuition. This evolution signifies a deeper connection with ourselves, others, and the universe, marking a pivotal moment in our spiritual journey.

Feelings as Creators of Reality

One of the most profound realizations on this journey is that our feelings are the architects of our reality. By consciously choosing positive emotions, we step into our role as creators, manifesting our desires and shaping our destiny. It’s a radical shift from a passive existence to an intentional, empowered one.

Embracing Positive Emotions: A New Perspective

We’ve often feared feeling good, believing it invites misfortune. Yet, if challenges are inevitable, why not exist in a joyful, loving state? Embracing positivity not only enhances our well-being but also magnetizes positive experiences into our lives, proving that feeling good is a choice worth making.

Lessons from Elan & Bashar: Shifting from Victimhood to Empowerment

Elan and Bashar’s teachings remind us that everything is neutral; we assign meaning to our experiences. We intentionally chose to be here, dispelling the notion of victimhood. When faced with negativity or contrast, we can adopt the perspective of curiosity and growth, saying, “Well, this is interesting. I wonder what will happen next?”

Sending “Love & Light” to Others: A Ripple of Positivity

The simple act of sending “Love & Light” to others carries immense transformative power. It spreads love, healing, and positive energy throughout the universe, fostering a collective shift towards a more harmonious world.

“Angels on Your Body”: Invoking Love and Protection

Uttering “Angels on your body” holds a beautiful intention—invoking the love and protection of higher beings. This heartfelt wish surrounds you with a cocoon of love and security, reminding you of the support available from the spiritual realm.

Blossom Goodchild’s Mantra: A Beacon of Self-Realization

The mantra from Blossom Goodchild’s channelings with the Federation of Light— “I am the Light, I am the Love, I am the Truth, I Am”—serves as a profound reminder of our true essence. It encourages self-realization, affirming that we are beings of light and love, capable of shaping our reality.

Nurturing the Light Within

As we journey from the headspace to the heart space, embracing “Love & Light” becomes more than a phrase; it becomes a way of life. We recognize that we are the creators of our reality, empowered to infuse love and positivity into every facet of our existence. By sending love and light to others and affirming our true essence with powerful mantras, we contribute to a more loving and enlightened world, one heart at a time. Embrace this transformative journey and watch as your reality radiates with the profound essence of love and light.

INTEGRATION: “I Am the Light” Mantra

This may be one of the simplest integrations and yet, one of the most challenging to achieve.

Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to look at yourself in the mirror, while getting ready in the morning, and say the following mantra 5 times…while maintaining eye contact:

I Am the Light,
I Am the Love,
I Am the Truth,


Sure looks easy, harmless enough. And yet, this very phrase carries all of the energetic signature of Who You Are. It is a statement that will light you from within and carry you through some of the most profound and the most challenging moments, if you so choose to integrate it into your daily life.

A couple of tips:

  • You may find that you cannot maintain eye contact when truly “feeling” this statement. This is because it is not resonating as truth within you. If this is the case, you have some serious work to do to own this powerful statement. Join the KISS Podcast group on Facebook (if you haven’t already), reach out to us and ask for guidance (link below).
  • You may find in the above case, that it is easier to say while you are not looking at yourself. However,t he key is mindfulness. Note how the words feel in your voice, in your throat. Take notice of your energetic disposition prior to and following the “I Am” mantra. Mindfulness is absolutely key.
  • Another key component is to state this mantra out loud. No more hiding in the dark, lurking in the shadows or talking under your breath. Step up, step out, be brave and own your power.

Lastly, we invite you to come back over to our Facebook group (link below) and share with us how it went!

*portions of this post were written with the assistance of Jeeves (AI)

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Affirmations/Mantras to Use

  • I Am The Light, I Am the Love, I Am the Truth, I Am

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