The World is Going Crazy – A Channeling with BeBe

March 11, 2024

The World is Going Crazy – A Channeling with BeBe


“The world is going crazy!” How many times have we heard or said this ourselves? Especially in 2024! So much unexplainable behavior and anxiety. And so, Diana and I decided it was time to introduce you all to BeBe and bring these questions to them for greater insight. What follows is a conversation that we hope you all enjoy!

As this is the first time we are introducing them to this podcast, we will share who exactly “BeBe is prior to the channeling transcript. This is an excerpt from Samantha’s website, A Fire Within Me, on the Beings in this channeling:

When connecting to BeBe, we are connecting to the great love and wisdom of the beings of light. These multi-dimensional beings are known to me as a collective of Benevolent Beings, “BeBe”. These beings desire to assist humanity in stepping into the fullness of Who You Came Here To Be. Their messages to you are of growth, healing and expansion of your soul.

The multi-dimensional beings that comprise the Benevolent Beings, “BeBe”:

Two Galactic Beings
Pleiadian – Presents as feminine. She feels to me to be the main spokesperson, though the others offer input as well. She is loving, but direct. As a Pleiadian, she is here to help humankind to understand “the powers that control good…and that there are different forces than those known to man”. Note: there is a strong connection between “Lightworkers” and Pleidians.

Sirian – Presents as Masculine. Sirians are focused on Spiritual Studies and the advancement of the soul. “They are involved in helping Earth into this new Golden Age”.

Three Archangels
Archangel Michael – The Protector – holds the space and strengthens the connection while offering protection and support.
Archangel Raphael – The Healer – assists in healing physically, mentally and spiritually.
Archangel Metatron – The Transformer – assists humans in rapid transformation and most specifically in the Ascension process.

When you are in session with “BeBe”, you are having a discussion, an exploration of concepts and ideas, with these multi-dimensional beings. For my part, I am a conscious channel for their messages. This means that I am aware of the conversation and flow, yet I am an observer of it all.

The following is a transcript of a conversation between Diana and Samantha channeling Bebe.


Good afternoon, Diana.


Hello, BeBe. It is so nice to talk to you again. Thank you for joining us. Samantha and I were talking about how it feels like the world is going crazy. And so we have some questions for you and hopefully you can provide us with some guidance,


We would enjoy the opportunity to share with you from our higher perspective how we perceive what it is that you are experiencing in this three-dimensional physical existence.

One moment…from our perspective, it is extremely interesting to see the physicality of the planet Earth, to see the construct of it, to it is. So we are trying to find the right words to describe how we perceive it. It is so, has such permanence, such intensity of beingness. It is a profound object within your solar system. It has been made extremely dense for the practicality of what you all come here to experience.

There’s not a way for us to express how we perceive it in totality within our minds, but to say that it is we feel that you see it as as a rock that you live on as this marble in the sky. And to us it is this living, expressive creation that is both inhaling and exhaling and is thinking, considering, contemplating, swirling, expressing.

It is not just a living thing from that which populates it, but from deep within to completely without in its energetic space and energetic beingness. So you may see ourselves as confined to this earthly space and we would say this is a good thing because of the level of intensity and contrast that occurs within the dimensions of the third density.

We would want that as more tranquil beings for all of that activity to be confined. And we do not mean this with disrespect. We know that times are very challenging. We know that there is an unease that permeates through all the Earth is adjusting herself. The Earth is making herself a new She is going through a bit of a metamorphosis.

And in these shifts of her environment, along with the agreement of all of the souls who are in physical existence at this time, she is shifting off some of the old that has been a part of her for quite some time and stepping into a new higher vibration. And through this process, you as a living being the same as all of the animals, the creatures that exist are feeling this shift.

You do not understand what it is, where it is coming from. Some of it may come across as feeling violent in the sense of volcanoes or sinkholes or earthquakes or changing weather systems. But it is all meant for the adjustment of earth on which you live. She needs to cleanse herself, and if you are to remain in physical existence during this time, then you must.

It is not that you must. You would benefit from finding ways to become at ease with the process, to acknowledge and to encourage her shifting because it is bringing you all into a new space that you have all heard about for so long. And desired. And so it is.

What questions have you brought us?


You just answered one of them. I was going to ask why we were experiencing all the natural disasters. What which is the way we look at it. But you just gave a different explanation for that. So it’s the earth. The other question is, why are we experiencing the many wars in different areas on Earth?


One moment, please. Just as the Earth is doing her shifting, her metamorphosis rising so to must being artifacts of the human condition, the structure of the human condition, there are there are compromises, agreements, there are perceptions, there are conclusions. There are so many thought forms that have been put into place amongst all humans on a micro-scale, meaning within themselves, within the environment, around them, their family, their familial relationships.


And there is also the macro which extends more into the tribes, the objects that you see as being the countries be. These thought forms become things, they become living, breathing constructs. And so you would say the United States, it is not just a thought, it’s also a belief in a way of living life, the ideal of being free of being able to expand one’s life, surroundings, thoughts, experiences.

And in some places there are firmer constructs of the belief of what this entity that is the thought form which collects you together as a group. So we would move our focus to places such as the Middle East, such as Asia, these and, and Africa, these places that are what you perceive to be the, the cradle of civilization.

And yet there have been many epic periods of civilization. But these were directly affecting you at this time. These are areas where humans have lived for many, many, many years and have thus created more thought forms of these collective ideas. The way things should be thought of or perceived as you may say, these are rules, these are religions, These are the do’s and don’ts, the ethical moralities of life.

It was easier to, during these warring times many, many centuries ago, to break apart these belief systems because it occurred more often. They were more malleable. But as time has gone by and warring has in our perception, has slowed to a degree, the thought forms, the beliefs that have been fed into them have grown stronger. Do you understand what we mean when we say thought forms?


No, no. I’m kind of confused.


And so someone came to the United States and said amongst a group of other people, I feel freer here. We should stand up for liberty. We should stand up for justice. We have left systems in which we were our lives were upended. We were controlled. We were told what we could or could not think.

And so in this new space, this new vibration that was wide open, known as as the Americans, it was known by many other names prior to that. But to your understanding, it would be the Americans. A belief began to ferment of liberty, justice for all, equality, Equality, as it was known at that time. And so as individuals talked and their emotions got involved, they wore sending up a manifestation of this beingness, this ideal.

Think of it as creating a God. In a sense, it is not a real thing. It is simply given life. It is breathed into by everyone’s belief. If everyone suddenly were to say, We no longer believe in liberty, we no longer begin to live, believe in equality, then this thought form would begin to be fragile and begin to suffer and begin to collapse.

And so it is that is what you are witnessing within these Americas. Are you familiar with this?


Yes. I guess the question that I have is and we are not familiar personally familiar with war or warring in the United States now. So where are these wars occurring around the world?


We are getting to your question…Okay. We are not complete in the transmission. That is not a reprimand. Okay. It is simply to say that we have more to say.

Okay. We were simply giving you an example of the thought form that has been created. So you recognize the stop form that has become the America as the United States of America.

And you have seen how it was once so strong in its ideal and beliefs, and now it’s fracturing. I understand. So now we take the same concept of this thought form, this creation, and we move it to places such as the Middle East, where there have been centuries of of a particular form of belief. It is not the mere 200 plus years of the United States.

It is a vast array of time going back further than what you even know to be. And so these beliefs have been fed into the thought form that has created these individual states in which the collective of people live. And as the Earth is shifting, becoming a new, going through her metamorphosis and needing to break free, adjust, heal those areas in herself that need to be healed.

So do all of these thought forms. Therefore, there is much agitation, there is much there is a heightened state with this anxiety of what the earth is doing, which is creating a greater. It is feeding into the frenzy. It is causing a destabilization of beliefs that no longer serve these thought forms, that no longer serve the direction, the vibration in which the earth is shifting. Anew.

And so think of holding. Not that we would ever ask you to do it. The think of holding a beehive in your hands and shaking it up. That is much what the earth is doing to all of its inhabitants. Everything is feeling the strain and the stress. There is a feeling of lack of needing to hold one’s ground, of survival, of self.

There is much divisiveness and disparity and therefore all of that is going into these areas that have been very concrete in the thought forms. The thought forms must be broken apart. The way in which this happens is not palatable to the human experience. And yet from those of us observing it outside of the human experience, we see it as a necessary cleansing.

And while we would not want it to occur the way it is occurring, we also understand the emotionality of the human experience, the fear, the belief in righteousness. And so we know that this is inevitably going to occur. Does this get to your question?


Yes. And it makes a lot of sense and it leads into my next question is about the effect of all of this on this generation, particularly like my children, Samantha’s children.

They’re all feeling this sense of anxiety because of the chaos. How can, what can we do or how can we support them and support ourselves through this upheaval?


They are already done with it. They are seen adults as acting like toddlers. They are disappointed, disillusioned. They have come into this world for more the future experience, but they would not be able to experience.

They would not be able to appreciate this future experience if they didn’t go through the actual shifting that is occurring among all of these warring factions. And disillusioned humans and craziness and confusion that you all are experiencing. If they were to if the world was to be washed clean, washed anew and moved into a higher vibration, and then humans were to populate, they would miss the point of the experience of elevation, of elevating, of their hard work that they’ve put into to grow and mature and find a balance.

We understand that you do not necessarily feel this balance. You may not agree with what we are saying, but as a whole, the humans are moving into this space where the heart is the seat of the mind in order to keep this balance. These these we are trying to find the right word. One moment. It is not placeholder, It is not those willing to go through this shifting aspect of the earth to actually experience it.

It is important because they are witnesses. They will be able to pass on to future generations of what once was and now what will be and so they knew coming in that this is what they would be doing. This would be their unique task to be ready for the new Earth and yet to have to be there to bridge the gap.

However, it is one thing to know this and agree to come into this space as a soul and then to actually come into the space with lack of all of that understanding and to withstand the absolute insanity that they have open their eyes to. It will take them some time yet to find their balance, to make their mark.

So what they see, what they are feeling, the human animal, of course, would feel it is only natural. So you are asking how they can bear with what they are witnessing. Is that it?




One moment, please. We are seeing more of the dynamics of or discussing more of the dynamics that are occurring in the United States. There are other parts of the world in which these beings have come through this generation and they have a bit more balance and they are sort of between those individuals and the individuals of your generation.

They are holding the light, they are holding the candle at the end of the tunnel. One moment, please. There may be losses along the way. There may be times when these individuals from these last two generations can no longer make sense of what is occurring around them because they were not built for this world. They are built for the new Earth.

And so they may choose to act as Samantha sets out and that is okay. And that is good and right that they do what resonates with them, but for the rest that remain, they are here having their personal experiences as much as they are biding their time, waiting for this shift to occur. Some feel a calling and they know that they’re ready to do something, but they don’t know exactly what it is.

And in much excited can come from that. It is mainly to it is in part what COVID was attempting to do. It is to cause one to go within oneself, to hold one’s counsel, to understand that there is peace within. And once one comes to terms with the peace within, which also means one must heal oneself so that there is peace within that, then one can radiate peace without, and that becomes a daisy chain effect and it calms and soothes those around them.

It continues to spread out and it eases the transition for the earth amongst us in the birthing process. We would say to you that teaching them to be mindful, teaching them to catch their breath, self-soothe, to go with the flow to a understand that there are greater things happening. They have the ability, they have more. It isn’t that so much more.

It is that they have less constructs that should prevent them from reaching out to their guides to their higher selves to be able to make sense of what is going on around them. Therefore, it would be most beneficial to teach them how to do these things. Even though much of it may seem foreign, it will become more and more natural as we go through this process.

Does this make sense?


Yes, that makes sense. And for ourselves, the…you’re suggesting the same thing, the self-healing, the mindfulness, the…


It is the only way to go. It is the path forward to hold that energy of self-hate, self-doubt, distrust of one’s self. It will only let us give you this example. Say you are tethered to a boulder that is underwater.

And as such, right now we’re sorry that this is a ghastly example. Samantha is shocked that you are tethered to this boulder and you have your nose, your chin just above the water. This is you being chained to these negative self-limitations of belief, holding yourself attached to the pain, and therefore, as the earth’s energy rises anew, as it refreshes itself, these what we would call the waters, which is the vibrations, they are rising.

At some point you will that you are no longer even able to gasp for oxygen you are now underneath and your vision is even more obscured. This is not what we would wish for you, but many on this planet will remain in this state and we would think that the vision we have given you would prompt you to say, I would prefer to heal and release from this rock, release from these chains and be able to float among the surface and embrace whatever changes come through. Does this make sense?


Yes, it does. And I see why. Samantha was shocked. And I think one of the things that most people fear is drowning and what you’re talking about is drowning, because you don’t let go of the negativity in your life. Is that is that accurate?


It is quite the thing to see a human holds so fervently to these constructs that weigh them down, that elicit so much pain within, that warn them to such a degree when they could instead look at these moments of growth and embrace them for the beauty that these changes have brought.

It is a thing to see someone heal, to see the light emanate their bodies, to see the wings spreading from themselves as if they could take flight. Everything becomes possible. All life becomes exciting. It becomes a joy. It is a whole new experience that we would encourage you all to work towards.


And I guess my question is people like Samantha, Lightworkers, people that are trying to bring the light, I guess more people need to let that light in and be guided. Is that what you’re saying?


It is an interesting way put it that you will perceive light and light workers and we understand the need to label to have a common way of referencing what you are doing, what these light bringers are doing. It is actually to release from the negativity that is within and around them and to elevate incrementally their own vibration.

And as they do that, they are more in alignment with the Earth’s ever evolving align elevation of vibration and frequency. And so each of these individuals, as they release, as they elevate, this creates a frequency around them that causes others who are just beginning to emerge, much like turtles from a shell. Is it safe outside? Is it okay for me to be me?

Is it okay to smile once again? Is it okay to express myself? And those holding those beacons of light, or rather the frequency that matches where these individuals are beginning to emerge… They will feel resonance. They will feel that upliftment. They are much like moths to a flame, they will begin to circle and they will take in teachings and understanding and they will remember a little bit more of who they truly are, the magnificence of the human being.

And they then, as we have said, the daisy chain effect. It will spread among others. So, it is not as much of a light as it truly is, holding a frequency of a particular vibration that elevates all. Does this answer your question?


Yes. That makes sense. And then the last thing I wanted to ask you about is that some people are referring to the craziness as the apocalypse, the end of time in the Bible. But what you’re saying is my question on here was, is any of this accurate or just the perception of some people?


It is the perception. It is an accurate perception in many respects. But understand, as these individuals, perceived individuals such as Nostradamus and others, as they have perceived these concepts occurring, they could only put it within their time frame what was around them.

To be accurate, there were a few that could perceive could see in actuality more of the physical, say if they were prognostic caring about automobiles, they were able to see them in full detail. But again, that they would have to then bring it to their surrounding and how they could use the terminology that was available to them to describe so that others would understand.

These are very few individuals, but for the most part, everyone else who has prognosticate it on this concept of this shift, what they were feeling, how they were interpreting it could only be based upon that which was in their current reality. Therefore, locusts, if that makes sense. Yes. And some of these things that are discussed, they are well within terms that those humans could understand at that time.

Therefore, if we were to give an example, we might be able to translate that. Samantha is unfamiliar with many of these apocalyptic features. However, just to say what might be perceived as perhaps she is referring to fire and brimstone, it might be volcanic eruptions like the meteor spraying some debris. Okay. And that is all they would be able to perceive and not maybe greater concepts.


I understand. So the end of times and if they’re saying the end of times, it’s the end of the times that they recognize.




Okay, that makes sense. And you’ve given us so much great information. There was one other question that I wanted to ask about the two presidential candidates that we have in the United States, and nobody wants either one of them. But I’m kind of feeling like that’s the downfall of that thought construct that you were talking about.


That construct, yes, it is very brittle. It is breaking apart. And therefore, as you see there are individuals that are fervently holding on to some form of the thought form belief, be it a Democratic Party or a Republican Party, we will just look at those two as an example.

The reason they’re so much divisiveness is they’re holding as fervently as they can, as it is literally crumbling between their fingers. And yet, as there is nothing else there to grab on to, they continue to try to hold these thought forms aloft for fear of the nothingness that will be there, the unknowing this. It is more comfortable to be with that, even if it brings you pain.

It has been known rather than that which you do not know. As you tend to project things in the future as scary and thus fearful, instead of bright and beautiful. Does this answer your question or yes?


Yes, it does. So there can’t be Democrats or Republicans because there has to be something else, but they don’t know what that thing is, and that’s what’s causing the discomfort?


Much of it, the anxiety, the anger, it it appears to be madness because they are arguing for one candidate or the other that they no longer even believe in, that they would not call family, that they would not invite into their life. And they say things as if they are okay. They are accepting of their dispositions even when they know that they would not accept that of anyone else in their presence.


That is part of that holding on to the madness of the thought form or fear, I understand. Is it, is it something that we have any impact on? Samantha and myself or our families or people that are close to us? Is it something that we can help move forward?


It is to be within one’s own counsel, okay. To not be pressing upon others how they should feel or believe. Because then you poke the bear, you prod them into further, further hardening their point of view. Therefore, when someone is holding on to these thought forms that are crumbling, it is best to sit back and hold your own counsel. It will come to pass. There will be a time, but it is for you to hold your own counsel is what we would advise.


Okay, I understand. Thank you so much. Is there anything else that you think that we may need to know? You’ve answered all of our questions.


I believe we would say in parting that you human creatures are so, so beautiful, so lovely to behold, so magnificent, so complex. Your emotions, the craftiness of your minds, the cleverness of your wit and words, the way in which you can take heartache and bring life to it and create something a new, greater, better, more beautiful.

If you could see it from our perspective, if you could see the magnificence of your beingness of what you will bring to all of us within the experience, beyond the human physical experience, it is a joy to witness. It is a birthing of something new and greater for all. And we would leave you with our warmth and love and gratitude.

Thank you for joining us in this channeling transcript!


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