True or False – The Power of Body Wisdom

September 8, 2023

The Power of Body Wisdom: Muscle Testing, Pendulum Magic, and Energetic Expansion


In our fast-paced digital world, where information overload reigns supreme, distinguishing fact from fiction can often feel like an uphill battle. But what if I told you that your body possesses the innate ability to guide you through this labyrinth of information and even tap into the realms of energetic expansion and contraction for deeper insight? It might sound mystical, but it’s a journey into your inner wisdom that’s nothing short of fascinating.

Body Wisdom: Your Inner Navigator

Before we plunge into the intriguing world of energetic expansion and contraction, let’s take a step back to understand the basics. Your body is an incredible vessel of wisdom. It’s the source of that gut feeling, those tingles up your spine, and those subtle physical sensations and emotions that can steer you through life’s twists and turns.

Muscle Testing: Your Truth Barometer

Imagine this scenario: you’re faced with a perplexing decision, a piece of information that leaves you perplexed, or a choice that has you stumped. Muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology, is a nifty technique that allows you to tap into your body’s innate wisdom. Here’s how it works:

  • Find Your Indicator Muscle
    Start by identifying an indicator muscle—typically, your arm muscles work well for this purpose. Hold your arm horizontally and pose a question related to the issue at hand. Your muscle’s response will vary, depending on whether the answer is true or false. A strong, steady arm usually signals truth, while weakness or instability indicates falsehood.
  • Yes/No Queries
    Begin with simple yes/no questions that pertain to the matter at hand. For instance, “Is this news article reliable?” or “Is this decision in my best interest?” Your body’s response, channeled through your muscle, will serve as your guide.
  • Keep an Open Mind
    Approach muscle testing with an open mind. Sometimes, our preconceived notions can influence the outcome. It’s crucial to approach the process with curiosity and a willingness to trust your body’s signals.
  • Note:
    This approach to muscle testing typically works best with an experienced second person, such as a holistic practitioner. There are several other approaches to muscle testing, such as making the “ok” sign with your hand and then testing the strength of the pressure applied by the index finger on the thumb. Muscle testing is not the favorite approach for the novice by either Samantha or Diana, but it works great for some.

Pendulum Wisdom: Unlocking Mysteries

Now, let’s shift our focus to the world of pendulum wisdom. There are two sorts of pendulums we will discuss here. First, there is the classic pendulum which is essentially a weight suspended from a fixed point. Crystals are wonderful, but you can honestly use any weighted item dangling from a string or metal chain. However, you can also use your body as a human pendulum. Both are powerful tools for gaining insights via “yes” or “no” questions. Here’s how you can work with it:

Classic Pendulum Approach

  • Choose Your Pendulum
    Find a pendulum that resonates with you. It can be anything from a pendant on a necklace to a specialized pendulum tool. What matters most is that it feels comfortable in your hand.
  • Establish a Connection
    Begin by establishing a connection with your pendulum. Hold it steady and ask it to show you a clear “yes” response, then a clear “no” response. Typically, a clockwise swing signifies “yes,” while a counterclockwise motion means “no.” However, you may find that it goes side-to-side. You can also ask for it to show bigger circles for confirmation.
  • Ask Your Questions
    Pose your questions to the pendulum while holding it as still as possible. Observe as it starts to move, indicating the answer. Remember to ask questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” If it’s a critical question, always cross-examine the subject with questions that come at the subject from a different direction.

Human Pendulum Approach  (Samantha’s favorite stealth approach in public)

  • Establish a Connection
    Begin by establishing a connection with your human pendulum, the body. Stand tall and steady with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold steady and ask your body to show you a clear “yes” response, then a clear “no” response. Typically, if your body begins to lean forward this signifies “yes,” while leaning backward signifies “no.” It is possible to have the responses reversed. There are nuances to the responses that you will begin to notice as you develop these skills.
  • Ask Your Questions
    Pose your questions to your human pendulum, the body, and observe as it starts to lean one way or the other, indicating the answer. These movements need not be drastic. Remember to ask questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” (positive) or “no” (negative). Elaborate on your questions so that you receive the clearest guidance.

Energetic Expansion and Contraction: Delving Deeper

Now, let’s venture into the realm of energetic expansion and contraction, where the boundaries of your being extend beyond your physical form. This concept suggests that when you encounter information or situations that resonate with truth and alignment, your energetic body expands, creating a sense of openness, lightness, and positivity. Conversely, when confronted with falsehoods or dissonance, your energetic body contracts, manifesting as tightness, discomfort, or negativity.

  • If this is your first time…
    It’s important to understand the feeling of expansion and contraction if you are unfamiliar with this approach. Begin by quieting your mind and closing your eyes. Think of a happy thought, what really lights you up. Notice where you feel the joy in your body. Generally, you will feel it move up from your heart and expand around you and feel light and positive. No, come back to a neutral state of feeling. Think of a negative feeling or memory. Notice where the energy now flows to in your body. Generally, it will coalesce in your gut, feeling heave and contracted. Due to the nature of the memory, you may also feel constriction in your throat or head, but it will all feel heavy and tight. Now you know how your body will feel upon introducing a question.
  • Ask Your Questions
    Pose your questions to your body. Much like with the pendulum approach, it’s like playing “Twenty Questions”. Sometimes you need to vary the form of the question to elicit a clear indication from your body and also to double-check your body’s energetic response. Take notice where the energy shifts in your body and go from there.
The Quick Guide to Integration

So, how can you weave these incredible tools of body wisdom, muscle testing, pendulum magic, and energetic expansion into your everyday life? Here are some practical tips:

Informed Decision-Making
When faced with significant choices, consult your body. Trust your body’s signals and allow them to inform your path.

Information Verification
Utilize the above to gauge the accuracy of news articles or the credibility of sources. It’s a valuable tool for discerning fact from fiction in today’s information-saturated world. Your Higher Self is looking out for you!

Holistic Wellness
Assess which foods, OTC medicines, supplements, or holistic treatments resonate with your body’s energy. This is Samantha’s favorite approach as you can easily hold an item at the pharmacy or the grocery store to determine if it is the wisest choice for your body. This method can guide your choices for enhanced well-being and vitality.

Intuition Amplification
Combine body awareness with your intuition and the concept of energetic expansion/contraction. When these three elements align, you can trust your choices more than ever before. This is super-charged awareness!

Amidst the deluge of information and choices, your body possesses a treasury of wisdom and tools that extend well beyond your physical form. Muscle testing, pendulum magic, and the concept of energetic expansion and contraction can become your allies in the pursuit of discernment and clarity. Embrace these techniques with an open heart and a curious mind. As you do so, you’ll discover that your body is not merely a vessel; it serves as a wellspring of truth and guidance, poised to assist you in navigating life’s intricacies with confidence and grace. Therefore, embark on this voyage of self-discovery, allowing your body’s wisdom to serve as your compass amidst the expansive sea of knowledge and possibilities.


*portions of this post were written with the assistance of Jeeves (AI)